Predator Fencing

Whether it’s keeping livestock safe or wildlife out a range of fencing solutions are available.  

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Otter fencing

Protecting your valuable fish against Otters is vital to the commercial success of any fishery! With current estimates of ELEVEN thousand Otters here in the UK, protection against entry is key! We can offer fencing solutions to suit you.

Poultry Fencing

A fundamental requirement in keeping birds safe from UK's number one predator, Foxes! With netting designed to fulfil very specific requirements for free range poultry farms, a cost effective solution can found to suit your project.

Rabbit Net

If you're looking for rabbit fencing, it's likely you understand the damage to crops and plants rabbits can cause. With the added protection of burying down or leafing out, with a range of heights and wire thickness available.


Primarily used in protecting ground nesting birds against foxes, badgers and even hedgehogs, it is the perfect option in assisting effective habitat management. Anti predator fencing is a combination of fencing net, buried with 4 electric wires.

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